"Green" - We got it!   "Red" - We're brewin' it bro!

13 Days

A monster continuously hopped Imperial IPA. Make sure you have a D.D.

131 IBUs - 16.9% ABV

Cream of the Crop

An even keeled Cream Ale

0 IBUs - 0% ABV

Abbey Robe

Always take the high robe. Our Belgian quad, aged to perfect. Keep an eye out for its evil barrel aged twin!

32 IBUs - 10.6% ABV

Gettin' Figgy Wit' It

A Pale Ale brewed with Fig and Apricot.

31 IBUs - 5.9% ABV

Limp Biscus

Belgian Wit w/ honey, Orange, Coriander & Hibiscus.

16 IBUs - TBD% ABV

Not My Hobby

Fruity Pale Ale brewed with coconut, pineapple and mango.

36 IBUs - 5.2% ABV

Big Bro Breakfast

A big stout with big hints of oatmeal, raisin and cinnamon.

54 IBUs - 8.0% ABV

Sweet Cherry Blonde

Dont let the name fool ya. With a hint of honey and cherries this is a Texas summer favorite.

25 IBUs - 6% ABV

Black Locust

An imperial stout with the thorns of it's namesake.

52 IBUs - 9% ABV

The Wheat Farmer

A wheat beer (saison) brewed with orange peel & cherries.

13 IBUs - 5.7% ABV

Bro'd Trip

An British style India Pale Ale (IPA) for the get up and goin'.

46 IBUs - 6.3% ABV

Southern Belle

Well bless your heart! A Porter with Vanilla & Pecans yall!

24 IBUs - 5.1% ABV

May Contain Alcohol

A mean stout that packs a big punch. Brewed with Kona Coffee and Hazelnut

0 IBUs - 0% ABV

Mark III

A Special from the RCHBC. Jackson's Belgian Tripel.

24 IBUs - 7.1% ABV

Licking Dog

A unique Porter with hints of chocolate and licorice root!

24 IBUs - 5.1% ABV

Proud sponsors of the RCHBC

TBBC is proud to sponsor the Royse City Homebrew club. Our tiny town has a big homebrew community producing award winning beers! the RCHBC meets monthly at a minimum at TBBC to share a few pints and vote on the next brew recipe that will populate a dedicated tap in our tap room.  If your interest in learning to make your own beer, drop us a line!